Lakeshore Marine Center works with Lakeshore Marine Services to maintain and repair all makes of boats as well as all brands of power packages.  Conveniently located within the dry storage facility, LMS is a licensed HONDA dealer.  Their certified mechanics are fully qualified to handle routine maintenance or necessary repair work.  The company is fully insured and has worked in the industry for the past two decades.  LMS has access to two work racks and can haul boats with the stacker crane.  Its convenient location on the Ortega River allows for convenient sea trials and makes delivery and pick up a breeze.

Fully equipped with a 15,000 lb. heavy duty hoist, forklifts, specialty tooling, diagnostic equipment and an onsite parts department, LMS has the capability of offering a vast array of knowledge in all aspects of boat service and repair including engines (both inboard and outboard), outdrive repair and replacement, boat handling accessories, maintenance as well as performance and communication products.  

Our technicians and crew will do their utmost to get your vessel back in shape and on the water quickly!



Just like cars, boats need to have their oil changed. Four-stroke outboards, inboards and stern drive boats require regular oil changes. The frequency will vary by model but a good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 100 hours of operation or once a year.

Leave the routine maintenance to us. Lakeshore Marine Center provides preventative maintenance that will help prevent costly boat repairs in the future. Routine maintenance includes:

  • Checking all fluids and topping off if needed
  • Detailing – wash, wax & buff
  • Inspection of bottom paint
  • Starting the engine and generator, ensuring proper running all systems and sensors
  • Ensure batteries are charged properly
  • Checking and maintenance of all electronics, VHF, radar, radio, TVs, etc.


Through our partners, we can help you with all your electronic needs. Whether it’s a basic repair or a custom upgrade, Lakeshore Marine Center and its partners have the expertise and resources to get the job done!

LMS offers the following year-round marine services on inboard/outboard boats.

  • Tuneups / Annual service
  • Carburetor cleaning
  • Diagnostic assessments on certain make/models
  • Complete engine rebuilds
  • Complete outboard rigging
  • Annual winterization and storage advice
  • Lower unit repair and maintenance
  • Trim tab and tilt repair
  • Zinc Oxide/Annode Replacement
  • Propeller replacement
  • Steering system checks, lubrication
  • Water pumps
  • Fuel water seperator installation
  • Compression Checks
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Insurance Claims Welcome

Call us at (904) 384-1777 or email us at, and let us provide you with high quality, professional boat service.

  • Engine Repairs/Rebuilds/Repowers

  • Equipment Repairs & Installation

  • Detailing – Wash, Wax & Buff

  • Oil Changes

  • Custom Electronics Installations

Every 100 Hours of use or Once Yearly these services are recommended by the manufacturer:

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change gearcase oil
  • Change fuel filters
  • Check sea water pick ups
  • Lubricate propeller shaft
  • Visually inspect thermostat for corrosion and make sure it is closing completely at room temp.
  • Check spark plugs
  • Check mounting and alignment hardware
  • Check the corrosion control anodes
  • Inspect battery
  • Check wiring and connectors
  • Check cowl seals
  • Check internal cowl sound reduction foam
  • Check for loose hose clamps and rubber boots

Every 300 hours of use of every 3 years:

  • Full 100-Hour Service
  • Replace Water pump impeller
  • Check power trim fluid
  • Replace spark plugs

Full-Service Detailing

Our full-service detailing includes a complete wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces, including vinyl, metal, non-skid, and windows, followed by an application of wax/cleaner wax using a high-speed power buffer on all fiberglass, plus cleaning above deck compartments, UV vinyl treatment, metal shine, window treatment, canvas cleaning, and helm cleaning. Scum line treatment is also included.

Express Detailing

Our express detailing includes a complete wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces, including vinyl, metal, non-skid, and windows, followed by an application of wax/cleaner wax using a high-speed power buffer on all fiberglass.

Accessory Installation:

Through our partners, we can help you with all your electronic needs. Whether it’s a basic repair or a custom upgrade, Jackson Electronics and Lakeshore Marine Center have the expertise and resources to get the job done.

If you’re looking to add a fish finder, stereo, swivel seat, grill, or trolling motor, our experienced staff can make it look like it came with the boat! Call or schedule an appointment today!


Boats are designed to take a beating. A boat’s engine is not. A well-designed hull can last for decades, well past when most engines begin to fade out. If you love your boat but the engine’s a goner, repowering is an affordable option.

Engine Installation:

The factory certified technicians at Lakeshore Marine Center are trained to implement the highest quality standards in new engine installation or engine rebuild. Call today for a quote!

Insurance and Warranty Repair:

Lakeshore Marine Center has worked closely with numerous insurance companies, and we will insure that you get the most complete compensation from your carrier to get you and your boat back out on the water.


Warning horn going off? Hard starting? Dying out at high or low idle? Lakeshore Marine Center’s factory authorized technicians will troubleshoot your problem in a timely manner to give you a diagnosis.

Oil Change:

  • Your engine is warmed, and the oil is then removed and the oil filter is replaced.
  • The O-ring needs to be verified that it came off with the oil filter, then install new filter hand tight only. One or 2-tbsp. oil is poured down the dipstick tube to clear out the dirty oil from the dipstick tube prior to adding any oil through the valve cover.
  • Then add oil to bring to level plus ½ quart for the empty oil filter, start up engine check for oil pressure and warm up for 2-3 minutes. Then shut off engine and let settle for five minutes. Then re-check dipstick gauge for proper level, adding oil if necessary.
  • We check for any leaks from around the oil filter and wipe up any oil that may have been spilled during the oil change procedure.

Our Technicians begin with checking:

  • All systems, fluid levels, coolant, oils (engine, trim tab, trim reservoir, outdrive reservoir, outdrive cavities, battery water levels, bellows, hydraulic cylinders, and accessories).
  • We then start your boat and check:
  • Steering, shift, gauge operation, checking for charging, proper oil pressure, proper temperature and any other gauge operations.
  • Remove spark plugs and perform compression test.

We Check:

  • Ignition components, distributor cap, rotor, plug wires, ignition coils and modules, primary wiring to micro switches and electric choke. Components are replaced as necessary. An estimate is given prior to any replacement of parts other than distributor cap, rotor, points, condenser, spark plugs or fuel filter. Distributor advance springs are visually checked for severe corrosion and then dwell is set is applicable.
  • Fuel filter is removed and checked for any water, debris or any other pertinent issues which could cause carburetor problems or other fuel delivery problems to arise (this is a good indicator for the future). If debris is found, we then remove the carburetor fuel filter as well and check for further contamination.
  • The engine is started and base timing is checked and re-set if necessary. Advance timing is then checked for proper specifications.
  • Flame arrestor is removed and cleaned. Accelerator pump is checked for proper flow and choke operation is noted and adjusted accordingly. Notes will be taken at this time as to the general condition of the inside of the carburetor throat.
  • Idle mixture screws are checked and adjusted accordingly. Idle speed is then set to specifications. Fuel filters are then rechecked for any leakage.
  • We then service your batteries, checking with a hydrometer and notate readings on customer’s information sheet for reference. Batteries are topped off with proper fluids as necessary Battery terminals are then cleaned of any corrosion, greased and checked for tightness. Battery cable and cable end (lug) replacement may be necessary.