Jacksonville Marina

Lakeshore Dry Storage Marina offers dry storage and wet slips on the Ortega River, just minutes from downtown.

Lakeshore Dry Storage has been in operation since 1988 as Jacksonville’s premier dry storage facility.

The wet slip marina was added in 2006 to provide our customers with a wet-slip option for large sailboats, sport fishing boats and various other types of watercraft.

J. Frank Surface III

Principal, Lakeshore Marine Services and Lakeshore Dry Storage Marina

Leon Williams

Crane Operator and Manager, Lakeshore Dry Storage Marina

Heather Surface

Principal, Lakeshore Marine Center and St. Johns River Taxi

Becky Mead

Administrative Services Manager, Licensed Captain

Pam Lockard

Accounts Payable

Terry Graham

Service Technician, Lakeshore Marine Services

Tom Combs

First Mate, St. Johns River Taxi